Facebook Ads Mastery

Purchasing the course gives customers access to a to a live weekly training session with our Facebook experts. Each session is approx. 2 hours long with a maximum of 10 per course to make sure the tutor can deal with your questions in a timely way. Recordings will be available in the private members area the attendees will get access to. In addition, course attendees will also get access to a private WhatsApp and Facebook group so they can gain support from our expert team throughout the course.  This course is designed for people who are looking to take their Facebook marketing to the next level in order to:

  • Get more traffic - Put yourself in the driving seat. Supercharge website traffic to maximise leads and grow your business.
  • Increase your sales - Learn how to increase sales through strategic social media marketing campaigns.
  • Generate more leads - Need more leads? Your customers are waiting. Learn how to find them to help your business thrive.  

£395.00inc. VAT